About Us

Based in St Louis, Missouri, Coffeestamp Roasters is focused and inspired by delicious coffee.  Coffeestamp was created by Patrick and Spencer Clapp. We always have been related to coffee somehow, since we were born and raised at 1430 M.A.S.L  near “La Tigra” National Park in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We grew up on a similar landscape and weather as where coffee is produced. These days, that area is producing more and more coffee.
We started our journey on the world of coffee since teenagers, pretty much when our mother allowed us to start drinking coffee. We were blessed to start the caffeine journey drinking hand-picked craft roasted coffee that our neighbors brought us from their farm in Marcala. I won't say we haven't drink bad coffee, because ''whatever'' coffee is everywhere. And we want to help change that.
We moved to the USA in 2012, immediately we noticed the difference between the coffee we used to drink and the one we were getting here, not only in the quality but in the prices. Since then, we started dreaming about coffee not only in creating a brand that represented delicious coffee but also that represented ethically sourced coffee.
Our Mission
Our customers come first, without them anything we do wouldn't have sense, our mission is to bring only the best coffee beans from around the world, that's why we are cupping new coffees every week, always looking for new origins, farms and micro-lots,  and new collaborations. Quality is important but also the story behind each coffee, we believe that we can roast a coffee in multiple ways to make it tasty, but also you can fail multiple times if the coffee bean wasn't grown and picked with love. The green coffee beans we buy and roast have different characteristics that we try to highlight. That's why each is roasted in a different way; we cup our coffees in all different roast profiles to select only the best. Our small batch system allows us to focus more on quality than quantity.