Brazil Fazenda Moinho Yellow Bourbon lot

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Medium roasted to highlight the sweet and creamy body. Fine aftertaste with toffee, lemon drops and almond flavors. 

This lot is a 100% Yellow Bourbon varietal with a natural dry process. It offers an exclusive taste of the specialty coffee from Brazil.


 Producer: Fazenda Moinho
Elevation:  1100–1525 m.a.s.l
Process: Natural
Varietal: 100% Yellow Bourbon


Yellow bourbon is an exclusive variety of coffee popular in some parts of Brazil but more rare in the rest of the coffee producing countries. This particular varietal is not so well accepted in some farms because of the color ''yellow''.  Some producers say it's harder to pick the cherries because it's difficult to tell when the cherry is ripe, a problem you don't find with regular red cherries. For experts, the yellow cherry offers a lot of unique flavors that are worth putting the extra effort into cultivating, separating and grading this lot.

Fazenda Moinho is a 120-hectare farm with 100 hectares planted with coffee, a total
of about 600,000 trees. The farm is owned by Robson Vilela Martins. Robson was formerly a dentist, and now he is the owner of several farms and a Cup of
Excellence winner, as well as very high-scoring producer from Carmo Best Cup.