Uganda Kapchora Washing Station

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Sweet with good body. Toffee, almonds and milk chocolate notes. pleasant aftertaste.

Producer: Kapchora

Washing Station

Elevation: 1600–2050 m.a.s.l
Process: Washed
Varietal: SL-14, AL-28, SL-34,
   Nyasaland, Bugisu


Mount Elgon lies on the country’s eastern border with Kenya, and is actually East Africa’s oldest volcano. Coffee farms perch on its sides, shaded by forest and different fruit trees. At lower altitudes, the harvest season is June to December; at higher altitudes, it doesn’t begin until July and will last until February.

The Kapchora Washing Station serves 997 smallholder farmers in the Kapchora
District of the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda. The average farm is about 1 hectare in
size here, on which producers typically grow a wide range of other crops such as
banana, beans, corn, peas and more. Coffee is picked ripe by farmers and delivered
in cherry to the factory for processing. Kapchora Washing Station has a capacity of
10 tons per hour, and the coffee is sorted and depulped immediately upon delivery.
The seeds are fermented for 12 hours, then washed and given a pre-dry on raised
beds before being transferred to greenhouses for two to three days. The coffee is
then moved to a drying yard where there is more sun availability at a lower
elevation to encourage even, efficient drying.