Ethiopia Layo Taraga G1

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This washed process from the region of Haro Wacho-Guji It's vibrant and delicious. Balanced and sweet with tart fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of sugar flavor with caramel, chocolate, sugar cane juice, and lime flavors.


 Producer: Layo Taraga  Washing Station
Elevation: 1950–2000 m.a.s.l.
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica


Layo Taraga Washing Station was founded in the year 2000, and serves 500
smallholder farms, each of whom owns about 1/2 hectare of land in the area
around Haro Wachu town in the Uraga District. According to the washing station
manager, this lot is a selection of Bourbon variety coffees: While these are two
varieties better-known in Central and South America, the same terms are used
colloquially in Ethiopia to describe certain coffee-berry-disease-resistant cultivars.
The Ethiopian "Bourbon" and "Typica" varieties are typically genetically removed
from the ones found elsewhere around the world.

For the Washed coffees, the cherry is sorted after delivery before being depulped
and fermented underwater for 48–72 hours. Then the coffee is washed, and gets
another soak that lasts 8–16 hours before being dried on raised beds for 9–12 days,
on average.