Colombia El Chocho

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This delicious Colombian coffee is the result of our new collaboration with Urbania coffee importers in St Louis Missouri who work directly with the producers in Colombia. 

Caramel aroma with a medium body, tasting notes of almond, caramel and candy apple.


 Producer: El Chocho farm
Elevation: 1800-1900 M.A.S.L
Process: Washed
Varietal: Castillo



Ruben Enrique Higuita Valle is the owner of ‘’ El Chocho’’ he grows coffee under the shade of native trees and developed some modified post-harvest processes that bring great quality to the coffee produced on his farm. This lot consists of Castillo Varietal only, 36 hours fermentation, and sun-dried on patios. His shade-grown coffee contributes to the preservation of the fauna and flora and provides habitat for a wide range of animal species including birds and pollinating insects. It minimizes the land’s erosion, maintains healthy soil humidity, minimizes the incidence of plagues, and provides organic matter which improves the soil quality.