Zambia Isanya Estate

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Sweet with a round body and tasting notes of cranberry, raisin and lemon. Clean aftertaste. 

Ancient volcanic soils and natural processing help produce the complex flavor and great body of this amazing coffee



Producer:  Isanya Estate
Elevation: 1400-1600 m.a.s.l.
Process: Natural/Dry process
 Varietal: Catimor, Java



Zambia’s Northern Province is home to the country’s highlands, where ancient volcanic soils and natural processing help produce the complex flavor and heavy body of this natural processed coffee. Although wet milling was introduced to the small holder coffee farmers of Mafinga thirty years ago, natural processing has been common throughout the region since the 1950’s, when commercial coffee production began in Zambia. Long before Dr. Livingston arrived to name Victoria Falls after the queen, the people who had lived around this wonder of the natural world for generations had already named it more appropriately, “the smoke that thunders.” The falls thunder into the Zambesi River, which flows east toward Mozambique.
 Zambia coffee is growing in quality in the specialty coffee world, and every year they are producing even more delicious coffees.