Peru Espiritu de Wari

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This Peruvian gem is a medium roast profile. Rounded body with tasting notes of brown sugar, raisin, and cocoa with a soft aftertaste.

Producer:  Small scale producer based in La Convencion Cusco
  Elevation: 1300-1700 M.A.S. L
Process: Fully washed and traditionally fermented for 16 hours
Varietal: Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon


The Wari was one of the most important prehistorical cultures in Peru. They settled in the mountainous valley of the Ayacucho in the center of the country. The main site of the culture was the city of Wari, now a massive structure of ruins that covers about 15 square km the highlands along Vilcabamba are home to a group of small-scale coffee growers. These farmers produce their coffee in a sacred location where for centuries there has been human activity.

Vilcabamba is located in Echarate District of La Convención Province in the Cuzco Region of Peru. The harvest takes place usually between July and October. This community lot it’s a combination of typica, caturra, and bourbon. Fully washed and fermented for 16 hours to finally dry in the sun using covered patios and raised beds with shades.